Editorial Board, every so often known as the (Editorial) Advisory Board, is a group of expertise people in the journal's field. Editors are eventually responsible for the quality of their journal’s content. Auctores believes that editorial board member acts as a heart of the journal thus maintaining the standards and drive the journal to success.

The Editorial board members responsibilities entails as below:

  • Expertise in specific field
  • Reviewing submitted manuscripts
  • Participate in Editorial Activities
  • Guiding on journal plan and scope
  • Identifying subjects and conferences for special issues which they may similarly help to organize and/or guest edit
  • Attracting new authors and submissions by suggesting journal to potential authors, friends, colleagues and students for publications
  • Preferably submitting some of their own work like editorials, reviews, research articles for consideration
  • Promote the journal among research and scientific communities



Editor-in-Chief is the heads of the editorial board and decision maker of the journal, who is expert of the field and prominent. The senior most editor who has complete obligation for the journal. Typical responsibilities of editors in chief include …

  • Ensuring that content is journalistically objective
  • Selection of papers and dynamically participate in review process
  • Encouraging and developing editorial staff
  • Prepare parameters to improve the standards of the journal
  • Recommend potential contributors and reviewers to make the journal success
  • Contributing papers, editorials and opinions for publication in the journal
  • Endorse the journal at international events where you are a participant/organizing committee member
  • Advise the journal to your friends, colleagues and students to receive submissions
  • Organize special issues if time allows
  • Rejecting the articles that appears to be plagiarized, ghost-written, published elsewhere, or of little interest to person who reads
  • Assessing and editing content
  • Supervision on reader complaints and taking responsibility for issues after publication