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To be recognized globally as a promoter in the scientific community and to be a correspondent in expanding the boundaries of know-how.

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Auctores mission is to play a prominent role in global research by publishing the high standard quality articles and convey all scientists, researchers, academics to publish their research work and make it impact globally. Auctores scrupulously emphasis on the advancement of knowledge in critical areas through the delivery of innovative information. We continuously search to make noteworthy assets that will serve research and technical community.

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Peptic Ulcer Disease: Maintenance Treatment With H2 Blockers

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The Effectiveness Of Satureja Khuzistanica Against Cancerous Cells

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A Case Report Of Acne Vulgaris: Treated By Combination Of Acupuncture

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Research Article:Aging And Poverty In Asian Context: A Sociological Appraisal Of Alzheimer's Disorders In Iran

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Left Atrial Appendage Morphology And Risk Of Clot Formation. What Is The Mystery?

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Short Communication: Role Of Leadership In Doctor-Patient Relationship & Execution On Patient’s Case Management In Primary Care

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